This site is created to reveal the secrets never made known to man for the last 3000 years. When Dr Rashad Khalifa PhD Chem. translated the Quran and accidentally discovered the SECRET CODE of 19 in the Quran on his Computer in 1974, Islam went lyrical at first due to this wonderful discovery in the Quran, but when the Penny dropped as to the 19 in the NAME of JESUS CHRIST, the World Wide Islamic Judicial Council  (WWIJC) KILLED him on a legal Fatwa in the Tucson Masjid on 31-01-1990 even though he was not able to decode the 19 Code of King Solomon hidden in the Quran. and the 114 Bismillah’s, that Solomon gave Bilqis (Quran, sura 27:30 and 1Kings 10:13) from the HEBREW Etz Chayyim NAME of the God of Israel, Jesus Christ our CREATOR who also placed this NAME upon the Earth’s Mean diameter 5 billion years ago when CREATING it especially for mankind, in Hebrew and in Greek within the very First math equation when squaring the circle, in the Imperial system of Feet, Inches and miles as MEASUREMENTS in HIS NAME when Pi and the Speed of Light was also given mankind in His NAME, upon which the Temple and all other Holy Sites as Jerusalem ABOVE in Revelation were built like Stonehenge also  and the Dome of the Rock equally.   All built upon the NAME of Jesus Christ.   Our Creator.  Today there are only two countries in the world still using this System, from His NAME.  And strange as it may sound, America is one of these countries yet they have now ignorantly decided to REMOVE the NAME of GOD from their constitution and even from their Schools and the Judicial to be in the CURSE of GOD much like the Land of the South where Bilqis ruled as Queen of Sheba to become a dry cursed land today still, as Yemen.

Here I will discuss what this HIDDEN SECRET of the 19 CODE is about in “Apocrypha 999” and  what the number 786 is in the TREE of Life plus more about the importance of the Solomonic number 19  CODE that I have now decoded before  2000 and reveal in my papers and writings from 1990’s up to the 2006 publishing of certain works right up to the present time when certain works related to the 19 CODE was totally BANNED by FACEBOOK as Facebook also did to BAN “Jesus as 786” on Google and the blog as “anthonsblog.blogspot.com” specially created to reveal this matter of the 786 where I supply certain undeniable cosmic proofs related to the Solomonic Hebrew 786 of 19 in Etz Chayyim Name of our creator God, Jesus Christ, which NAME and NUMBER of GOD, has now been declared as “UNWANTED material, not in agreement with Facebook standards.,” by FACEBOOK  on Facebook.  Satan most certainly HATES the NAME of Jesus Christ and will do anything and everything possible to prevent this TRUTH in the NAME of God to be revealed unto the masses in their present self-imposed Egyptianised slavery status of ignorance. So do all CHILDREN of SATAN equally HATE the NAME (Hashem) of God eternal as ONE in the Creator JESUS CHRIST and such ones also spit on the CROSS of Jesus Christ. and anything related to the TRUTH of the SAVIOUR in His Most Holy NAME that can set you FREE in this NAME, from such self-imposed Slavery for all eternity.